Why Aluminum?

Why Buy An Aluminum Trailer?

Aluminum weighs about 35% of comparable steel and is the modern transportation metal.
Lightweight aluminum trailers have numerous advantages when compared to a heavier steel trailer.
In the case of utility trailers you can get a single axle instead of a heavier, more expensive tandem axle.
Less empty weight means more cargo capacity.
Maximum cargo capacity per trailer can mean fewer trips are needed.
A larger trailer may mean your load only needs one tow vehicle.
Trailer length doesn’t always equal excessive empty weight.
An aluminum trailer can give you the advantage of great length and capacity without excessive weight.

Less weight lessens wear on expensive items like the tow vehicle motor, transmission, brake system and chassis.
Expand your fleet of tow vehicles
Use a bumper pull trailer instead of a gooseneck.
Get more life out of an old tow vehicle.
Use your current tow vs. buying a new vehicle.
Use a less expensive tow vehicle - gas vs. diesel, a V-6 vs. a V-8, or a ½ ton truck vs. a ¾ ton or larger tow.
Less expensive tows cost less to operate and insure.
Is your tow vehicle stressed? A lightweight aluminum trailer may prolong its life.
A lightweight aluminum trailer is always cheaper than a new tow vehicle.
There’s greater safety in less total weight.
Lightweight aluminum trailers give you independence.
Aluminum utility trailers can usually be hitched and unhitched by a single person. You don’t need to call for help.
Lightweight aluminum trailers can be rolled, pulled, pushed and moved on the 8” wheel.
Save your back. Don’t kill yourself trying to move or hitch a steel trailer.
Aluminum trailers do not rust, rot or fade.
Unlike steel aluminum can be stored outside with no ill effects.
Aluminum is very low maintenance
Aluminum stays new looking for life.
A shiny aluminum trailer presents a safe and professional image.
Aluminum stands out in a world of steel trailers.
Aluminum is a first class trailer material.
A well-built aluminum trailer is a good investment in a productive, long lasting asset.
Aluminum trailers have high resale value and good liquidity.